Credit Confidential
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About Credit Confidential®

Credit Confidential® is an online membership programme provided in the UK by Adaptive Affinity. Credit Confidential not only gives you continuous access to the credit files maintained under your name by one of the UK's leading credit reference agencies, but you can also try it out first, no-obligation free trial.

Credit Confidential® allows you to review your credit data whenever you need to. So you'll know if there are any changes in the information seen by potential lenders, mortgage companies, banks and credit card companies. You can also monitor all activity on your credit file and be alerted automatically of any activity on your credit file. If you find something suspicious is happening, you'll be able to inform the authorities immediately - before any additional damage is done.

Who is our credit services provider?

At Credit Confidential®, we work with credit services provider, TransUnion International UK Limited to give you access to your own credit information. That means your credit report and also your credit rating - in short, everything TransUnion International UK Limited gives the banks to help them make their decisions.

TransUnion International UK Limited is one of the three main UK credit reference agencies. All three credit reference agencies compile the credit histories of every adult in the country and supply that information to banks and other lenders. This is the information they consult when they're deciding to give you credit.