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At Credit Confidential® once you have verified your identity when you first log in, we give you instant† access to your credit information online. That means you can check your credit report instantly and also view your credit rating.

Thinking of applying for credit right now?

If you apply for credit today, your lender will instantly check your credit report. So it makes sense to check your credit report yourself, before you apply.

At Credit Confidential® after successfully verifying your identity, we give you instant access to your credit report and your credit rating. Which means you could check your credit rating instantly, without having to wait and miss out on a deal.

Don't forget, our service is free for the trial period. And because there's no minimum contract term, you can cancel it whenever you like.

 To ensure the security of your personal information you will be required to confirm your identity before accessing your credit report for the first time. Some members may require additional manual verification which may take longer, see FAQ's

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