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* Access to your credit report and credit information is free for the duration of your free 7 days trial period, a monthly membership fee of £19.99 will appear thereafter.

Unlimited access to your credit information

Credit Confidential® is an online service that gives you instant, confidential access to your credit report. And if a credit application is made in your name, we'll send you an email or text message so you can check you haven't been targeted by identity thieves.

 To ensure the security of your personal information you will be required to confirm your identity before accessing your credit report for the first time. Some members may require additional manunal verification which may take longer, see FAQ's. Please click here for full Terms and conditions.

Credit Report

Check your
credit report

See all the data held in your TransUnion International UK Limited credit report. This information may be used by banks when you apply for credit.
Credit Rating

View your
credit rating

See your TransUnion International UK Limited credit rating - a three-digit number used by some lenders to help them decide whether to do business with you.
Protect Yourself

Protect yourself
from identity theft

See who's been checking your credit report – and be alerted to any credit applications made in your name.